17 OR 22 Month Term Certificate of Deposit

New money only. Limited-time offer.2

Building savings will help you be ready for whatever life brings. Earn more than 11x the national savings rate average3 with our special Certificate of Deposit promotion.

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1Rates expressed as Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and effective as of June 1, 2023. 17-Month and 22-Month Certificates of Deposit (CD) will earn an interest rate of 4.650% with interest compounded on principal balance monthly, resulting in stated APY during initial CD term. 2Limited-time offer may be subject to change or withdrawal without notice. 3Based on 17- and 22-month CD’s APY compared to average 0.40% APY National Rate paid for savings accounts as reported on as of May 15, 2023. Additional terms and information: Minimum to open and earn APY $500; maximum CD deposit $1,000,000. Offer not available for Business or Municipal deposits. Early withdrawal will incur early withdrawal penalties and/or forfeiture of interest. At maturity, after ten-day grace period during which changes may be made, 17-month CD will renew at standard 18-month CD rate and terms available at time, and 22-month Breakable CD will renew at standard 24-month CD rate and terms available at time. Ask for full details. Member FDIC.