Dr. Jim Diamond, Ph.D., was born and raised on a cattle and sheep farm in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He spent his childhood shearing sheep and planting seeds. But as his crops grew, so did his ambitions.

Dr. Diamond went on to get his Ph.D. in Agricultural Education from The Pennsylvania State University, and in 1971, he joined the Peace Corps, beginning his international career. As an Agricultural and Extension Education Consultant, he traveled to 57 different nations to help communities all over the world flourish. Throughout his travels, he always maintained the same philosophical foundation: to empower people to help themselves—no matter what stage of their journey they’re in.

As a customer of Penn Community Bank, Dr. Diamond has seen the fruits of his labor grow in the hands of people who care. It was this care that helped him during the unfortunate time of his wife’s passing. We worked with him to balance his checkbook and keep his bank accounts in order, offering the kind of financial support he needed at this emotional stage in his life. No matter where life takes him next, we’ll be with him every step of the way.

Dr. Diamond’s story is just one of the many examples of how we support and strengthen our local community. In addition to our traditional financial offerings, we also sponsor events and partner with local charities and organizations working to improve the lives of Bucks and Montgomery County residents.

To learn more about Dr. Diamond’s journey and how Penn Community Bank empowered him, watch the video above.