Checking Account Overdraft Protection

Looking to avoid the embarrassment of bouncing a check? Penn Community Bank can help.

Overdraft Privilege®

We offer a service that may protect you from the inconvenience, additional costs, and occasionally embarrassing situation of a check being returned or a debit card being rejected. Overdraft Privilege® will provide you peace of mind knowing that your transactions - checks, authorized debits, and point-of-sale debit transactions- may be honored up to $300 over the account balance on Checking Accounts.*


* (1) The fee is $35.00 for the payment of each overdraft; (2) The categories of transactions for which a fee for paying an overdraft may be imposed are checks, authorized debits, and Point-of-Sale Debit Transactions; (3) The time period by which the consumer must repay or cover any overdraft is 60 days or account will be closed; and (4) The circumstances under which the institution will not pay an overdraft transaction are exceeding Overdraft Privilege and/or excessive overdrafts.