Personal Switch Kit

Welcome to Penn Community Bank

We understand that the transition from one institution to another may seem like an inconvenient task, so we have created this simple and easy to follow, Switch Kit.

  1. Open your new Penn Community Bank Checking Account.

    After you have opened the account that is best for you, stop using your old account.

  2. Switch your Direct Deposit.

    Use the Penn Community Bank Direct Deposit Form or another form supplied by your employer. NOTE: Be sure to verify that your direct deposit has started in your Penn Community Bank account, prior to issuing checks. The Penn Community Bank routing number is 231373182.

  3. Figure out automatic withdrawals that come from your checking account.

    Use the Payments/Transfers Worksheet to simplify who you make automatic monthly payments to, such as health club memberships, automatic credit card payments, etc. You can then contact each of them and give them your new banking information. Use the Change Automatic Payment Form to make the transition easy.

  4. Register for Online Banking and Free Bill Payment.

    For all other payments that you may want to pay on your own without writing a check, register for online banking. It is a free & user friendly service. Use our Online Bill Payment Payees sheet to make the set-up an easy process.

  5. Close your old checking account.

    After all checks and automatic payments have stopped coming out of your prior bank account, fill out the Deposit Account Closure Form. You will then send this form to your former bank; they will send you a check for the remaining balance.

Thank you for choosing Penn Community Bank. Please let us know how we can assist you in meeting your financial goals.