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Common Cents Savings

Meet your savings goals with a Common Cents Savings account. Every debit card purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar and deposited for savings. With a minimum balance of $100 or more, you can earn interest, which is compounded daily. (Online Account Opening Available)

Statement Savings*

With a minimum balance of just $100, you’ll receive interest credited monthly on any balance over that amount.  (Online Account Opening Available)

Junior Savings*

With a Junior Savings account, children can begin setting money aside with an opening balance of just $25. They’ll receive interest, credited monthly, on all balances above that amount. (Must be 18 years old or younger.)

Ultra Money Market Account*

Our Ultra Money Market Account requires a minimum balance of $10,000. Interest is credited monthly on all balances over $5,000, which means you’ll begin earning significant interest immediately.


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*No more than six pre-authorized transfers per statement cycle. Upon repeated violation of this requirement, your account may be changed to a non-interest bearing checking account, or your account could be closed.

**Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed, and fees can reduce earnings.

***Rewards rates subject to change at any time.