4 Reasons to Choose a Mutual like Penn Community Bank

The first mutual banks were organized to encourage and uplift the working class and advise them on the principles of financial security and self-reliance.

At Penn Community Bank, we proudly continue this tradition by offering a way to both safeguard your hard-earned savings and provide reliable guidance for your banking, lending, insurance and investment needs. Here are four reasons why Penn Community Bank is the best choice.

1.  Perfect for First-Time Home Buyers

At Penn Community Bank, we understand that the borrowing process can often be challenging to navigate. A new home is typically the most expensive purchase you will make and we take the time to walk you through all facets of the mortgage process so you understand exactly what to expect. 


2.  Focused on Individuals, Not Investors

Unlike commercial banks, Penn Community Bank is independent from market pressures and does not have external shareholders. A mutual bank is designed to stimulate savings through secure investments. And as a local organization, we're invested in our community and what's best for local residents.


3.  Advocates of One-on-One Communication

Each of our 24 Penn Community Bank locations features a friendly team committed to providing financial guidance and useful information to our customers. We have a passion and drive that is unmatched when it comes to providing reliable financial solutions to our community.


4.  Security-Conscious

Not only do we provide secure online and mobile banking experiences, but we also prioritize security and conservatism in decision making. That's one of the reasons mutual banks enjoy stability in times of financial turbulence.


At Penn Community Bank, our customers are the backbone of our business. We’re passionate about providing the necessary financial knowledge to help you grow and thrive within our local community.  To apply for an account today visit PennCommunityBank.com or call us at 215-788-1234.