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Certificates of Deposit

12-month term


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Certificate of Deposit accounts are available for new money.


Stop comparison shopping and start getting the most out of your money with these special limited-time CD rates!  Wherever you’re at in life, whatever your goals, Penn Community Bank has your back. We’re not just a bank. We’re your local personal finance team.



* APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield, which is effective March 1, 2019 and subject to change without notice. Promotional Certifi cates of Deposit (CDs) are available for new money, or funds deposited within the previous 30 days at Penn Community Bank. Does not apply to business or municipal deposits. 17-Month CD (2.65% APY, 2.62% Rate) and 12-Month CD (2.50% APY, 2.47% Rate) assume reinvestment at the same rate for an annual period. CDs require a minimum balance of $500 and maximum balance of $1,000,000. Subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Interest is compounded monthly and credited quarterly.