What is MX Money?
A money management tool to help you stay organized to reach your financial goals!  User friendly budgeting widgets, calculators, spending monitors and outside account monitoring all included.  MX Money will be replacing Finance Works and will have additional features and benefits.


A single view of a user’s internal accounts at Penn Community and external accounts held elsewhere. Users can manage these accounts all in one place, manage alerts and see all historical balances.

An aggregate view of all transactions from internal and external accounts.  Users can filter the view by account or date, as well as search the dataset for any keyword or amount.

A visualization of spending categories over a defined data range.  Users can change data range, date range and view a visualization of income sources.

Users can create custom budget categories, change the amount of money allocated to the monthly budget, view historical monthly budgets and change the projected income amount.



MX Money will be replacing FinanceWorks.  All FinanceWorks users, be sure to activate your MX Money Management platform to take advantage of the numerous services it has to offer!

What will be migrated to MX

  • Account Information

  • 18 Months Transaction History

What won’t be migrated to MX

  • Outside Account Login Credentials

  • Categorization

  • Budgets/Goals

Activate your MX Money Management platform by logging onto your online banking!