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Episode 16

The Importance of Your Credit Score with Tom Asher – Delivery Operations Manager, Penn Community Bank

We’ve all heard about the importance of your credit score, but for many the true value of developing and maintaining a positive credit score isn’t fully understood. That’s where SavvyMoney – a new credit monitoring tool for Penn Community Bank customers – comes into play.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tom Asher, Delivery Services Manager at Penn Community Bank, to discuss the launch of this new credit score solution, what benefits it can provide for those building or analyzing their credit, and what the bank’s continued investment in technology means for customers.

Episode 15

A Culture of Community Commitment with Erin Lukoss, CEO/Executive Director of Bucks County Opportunity Council & Jake Iampietro, Director of Retail Banking – Penn Community Bank

When many people think of Bucks County, they picture bucolic farm fields and parks, bustling cultural hubs, and established middle class neighborhoods. But behind that picture is a more complicated reality for those looking working to make ends meet.

The Bucks County Opportunity Council – a non-profit based in Doylestown and with locations across the county – works to reduce poverty and partner with our community to promote economic self-sufficiency.

In this episode, we’re joined by Erin Lukoss, executive director and chief executive officer at BCOC, and Jake Iampietro, Director of Retail Banking at Penn Community Bank and a BCOC board member, to learn more about this important organization. In our conversation, we discuss the group’s Economic Self-Sufficiency program, the impact of COVID-19 on the community, and the years-long partnership between Bucks County Opportunity Council and Penn Community Bank.

For more information on the Bucks County Opportunity Council, visit:

Watch the 2020 BCOC Economic Self-Sufficiency Graduation:

Episode 14

Business Banking Technology Upgrades with Tracey Carroll, Director of Cash Management

As local businesses push forward in an uncertain economy, access to tools and technology has never been more important.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tracey Carroll – Penn Community Bank Director of Cash Management – to discuss the bank’s new business banking platform, the intersection of relationship banking and technology, and what other products and services could benefit businesses now more than ever.

Episode 13

Transitioning to Remote Workforce with Kirsten Palmieri, HR Business Partner

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to be felt by businesses and communities, more and more employers are looking at the potential lasting effects on the workforce of tomorrow. In this episode, we’re joined by Kirsten Palmieri – Human Resources Business Partner with Penn Community Bank – to discuss the bank’s pivot to remote work for its team members, the importance of communication while working from home, and what steps local businesses should take before they consider a new way of working.

Episode 12

Leadership in Uncertain Times with Bill Larkin – Chair, Penn Community Bank Board of Directors

How does a bank plan for a pandemic and what do its leaders focus on in times of uncertainty? In this episode, we’re joined by Bill Larkin, Chairman of Penn Community Bank’s Board of Directors, to take a behind the scenes look at his first six months as head of the board. In our conversation, we discuss: Penn Community Bank’s financial strength, the benefit of being a mutual bank, and what comes next for our region as we look to bounce back from COVID-19.

Episode 11

Economic Update with Dorothy Jaworski – Direct of Treasury and Risk Management

As the coronavirus pandemic – and the global response to it – continue to shape our economy in ways like never before, businesses and analysts are working to get a sense of what a post-pandemic economy looks like and what key indicators today can tell us about 2021 and beyond. In this episode, we’re once again joined by Dorothy Jaworski, Penn Community Bank Director of Treasury and Risk Management, to get her thoughts on the state of the economy and her forecast for what comes next. In our conversation, we discuss:

  • Her reaction to the historic Quarter 2 economic numbers,
  • The impact of mounting debt on any coming economic recovery, and
  • Her view of Fed’s response and its new role as “Lender to the World.”

Dorothy’s latest Economic Update is available HERE. If you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter directly each quarter, email

Episode 10

The Importance of Community Health With Dennis Pfeiger – President, St. Luke’s Quakertown | Upper Bucks Campus

As our communities continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, one local hospital is working to meet the nutritional needs of Upper Bucks County students all while keeping an eye on what comes next.

In this episode, we’re joined by Dennis Pfleiger, president of St. Luke’s Quakertown and Upper Bucks Campuses, to discuss their Summer Meals Program and talk about the hospital’s response to COVID-19. In our conversation, we cover: the importance of consistent and healthy meals for developing minds, the “trickle down” effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and what individuals and businesses can do to stay safe and healthy

Episode 9

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion with Falesha Grasty, Senior Staff Accountant & IDEA Council Chair

As communities across our region and the nation grapple with difficult conversations regarding race and equality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd late last month, businesses are placing a renewed focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Since its formation in 2017, Penn Community Bank’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity for All (IDEA) Council has led the organization’s effort to create an open, communicative, and inclusive work environment that recognizes the value of diversity of its Team Members, and their differences. This established culture is reflected in the bank’s organizational relationships with customers, partners, and communities.

In this episode, we’re joined by Falesha Grasty, a Senior Staff Accountant and Chair of Penn Community Bank’s IDEA Council, to discuss the importance of D&I efforts at the bank and what lessons local employers can take away.

Episode 8

Paycheck Protection Program: Understanding the Changes and What Comes Next with Randy Stradling, Credit Officer II 

As Southeastern Pennsylvania moves into the state’s “Yellow Phase” for economic reopening, many local businesses are pulling double duty – working to reopen their doors AND understand what comes next with their participation in the government’s Paycheck Protection Program. In this episode, we’re joined by Randy Stradling, Penn Community Bank Credit Officer II, to better understand the PPP and how recent changes will impact participating employers. In our conversation we get a glimpse at the unprecedented volume of lending through the program, what Congressional and agency changes mean for loan forgiveness applications, and what comes next comes next for borrowers.

Learn More  Loan Forgiveness Checklist

Episode 7

“Pandemic Proof” with Sandy Ziegler, Director of Training, Development, & Education

As businesses across every industry respond to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of training and employee development has never been more important. In this episode, we’re joined by Sandy Ziegler – Penn Community Bank Director of Training, Development, & Education – to discuss the importance of training to Penn Community Bank and how this focus can translate to business owners and employees around the community. In our conversation, we discuss the benefits for learning and development for all businesses, how to make your brand “Pandemic Proof,” and what individuals should be doing today to prepare themselves for the jobs of tomorrow.

Episode 6

Safe and Sound with Rick Cimakasky, Director of Fraud and Security Management

When most of us think of bank security we likely picture large vault doors. But what does bank security look like in 2020… and in the middle of a global pandemic?

In this episode, we’re joined by former FBI agent and current Penn Community Bank Director of Fraud and Security Management Rick Cimakasky to review his role in keeping customer accounts safe. In our conversation we discuss his transition from law enforcement to banking, old frauds with new COVID-19 twists, and his recommendations for businesses and families looking to keep their money – and data – safe.

Episode 5

Community Commitment with Marissa Christie, President/CEO, United Way of Bucks County

While local, state and federal policy makers work to address the fall out of the coronavirus pandemic, it is community businesses and non-profits that find themselves on the front line of responding to needs in their neighborhoods. From economic support for small businesses to access to food and necessities for families, the need for local action has never been greater.

In this episode, we’re joined by Marissa Christie, president and CEO of the United Way of Bucks County, to discuss her organization’s response to community needs during the pandemic and the United Way’s partnership with Penn Community Bank. Later, we talk with Todd Hurley, Chief Relationship Officer at Penn Community Bank, to learn more about the bank’s response to the situation and his message of area non-profits during this period.

Episode 4

Banking Where You Need to Be with Jim Fecca – Director of Deposit Operations

From work meetings to happy hours, more of our daily activities are moving online. As consumers and businesses work to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, the realities of personal and business finance continue – even with significant disruption in their normal banking routines.

In this episode, we’re joined by Jim Fecca, Penn Community Bank’s Director of Deposit Services, to discuss the global shift to online finance and what it means for individuals and the industry. In our conversation, we cover: Trends in digital banking; What digital tools people should be using to stay in control of their finances during this period; And will banking ever return to the way it was?


Episode 3

The Coronavirus Economy (& What Comes Next) with Dorothy Jaworski – Director of Treasury and Risk Management

As governments and central banks respond to the unprecedented economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses and economic analysts are trying to read key indicators to inform critical decision making. In this episode, we’re joined by Dorothy Jaworski, Penn Community Bank’s Director of Treasury and Risk Management, to get her thoughts on the state of the economy and her forecast for what comes next. In our conversation, we discuss: The key economic indicators she’s watching, how and why banks are making decisions at this time of volatility, and her reaction to Administration and Fed policies to aid the economy.

Show Notes

Episode 2

Protecting Your Data in the Time of Coronavirus with Karen Shinn – Director of IT Compliance

As social distancing policies and economic restrictions continue in response to the coronavirus pandemic, more individuals and businesses are relying on digital channels to stay connected. With this surge in online sales, work-from-home requirements, and federal financial relief efforts, comes the increased risk of fraud and cyber threats. In this episode, we’re joined by Karen Shinn, Director of IT Compliance, Cyber Security, and Risk Assessment for Penn Community Bank, to discuss this critical issue. In our conversation, we cover some of the most common types of fraud during this pandemic, how employees can keep their personal and professional data safe while working from home, and tips for small businesses moving sales and service online.

Show Notes

Episode 1

Understanding the Coronavirus Market with Christian Wagner – President, Penn Investment Advisors

On February 19, the stock market hit its highest mark in history. Less than a month later, on March 11, the coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic, setting off the largest single-day market drop in a generation. In the weeks since, volatility has been the only constant, with near-daily surges and loses as the market reacts to international reports on the virus and economic relief efforts from Washington. In this episode, we talk to Christian Wagner, president of Penn Investment Advisors, to gain a clearer picture of what is driving the volatility of the market, what individuals and families can be doing to protect their wealth during this period, and get his thoughts on what comes next.

Show Notes


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