Your Credit Score

Safe. Simple. Secure.

Penn Community Bank, together with SavvyMoney, gives you the tools and insight you need to understand, track, and improve your credit right from online or mobile banking.

Here’s why you should. And how to get started.

  • Gain instant access to your credit score and credit report
  • Understand the factors that impact your score
  • Receive alerts about major changes
  • Set up daily notifications of your score and credit health
  • Quickly identify potentially fraudulent activity

Get Started Today

Simply log into Mobile & Online Banking, and click on the credit score widget on the right side of the screen.

Penn Community Bank is not a Credit Reporting Agency. Access to your credit score and credit report is being provided through SavvyMoney®.

General Questions

What is SavvyMoney?

SavvyMoney is the best credit score information service out there if you’re looking to crack the code of credit ratings or learn how the information on your credit reports translates into a score. SavvyMoney will help you cut through the clutter of opinions and sales pitches to get to the facts of how you can use your credit to accomplish your life goals.

How can SavvyMoney help me?

Tools offered by SavvyMoney include:

  • A free credit score every month
  • Personalized analysis of each component of your score
  • Clear, simple explanations of factors impacting your score
  • Videos and daily articles
Is SavvyMoney really free?

There is no cost to you whatsoever for the SavvyMoney credit score services or products provided by Penn Community Bank.

Is my information safe with SavvyMoney?

SavvyMoney uses industry-standard security practices to protect your data.

Does using SavvyMoney affect my credit score?

Utilizing the services or products offered by SavvyMoney will never directly impact your credit score. When SavvyMoney accesses your credit file information, it results in a “soft inquiry” that doesn’t alter your score in any way.

Will SavvyMoney share my credit score with Penn Community Bank?

No, SavvyMoney is a free service designed to help you understand your credit health, how to make improvements in your score and ways you can save money on your loans with Penn Community Bank. Your credit score is not shared with the bank.

How often is my credit score updated?

As long as you are a regular Mobile or Online Banking user, your credit score will be updated every month and displayed in your Online Banking screen.

You can click “refresh score” daily by navigating to the detailed SavvyMoney widget from within Online Banking.

I'm having a technical issue with SavvyMoney. What should I do?

Please contact us.

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