Cash Management

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Keep your bottom line growing with cash management solutions that put your cash to work for your business every day. Our data-driven money management tools are built on the financial technology that business owners like you need.

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ACH Services

Initiate direct deposit payroll through Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. This easy, fast, secure and efficient solution means you don’t waste time writing out checks, and gives employees faster access to their money.

Zero Balance Account

Create a master business operating account and disburse funds as needed throughout the day to linked accounts. At the end of the business day, funds are automatically moved from disbursement accounts back to the master account, enabling you to obtain the maximum investment return on your cash flow.

Sweep Accounts

Minimize idle cash drag by establishing a sweep account that will maximize your return on your cash flow. At the end of the business day, a sweep account automatically transfers cash that exceeds a set threshold into an interest-bearing account. Sweep accounts ensure that your money is always working for you to grow your bottom line.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits 24/7 without making a run to the bank. Remote Deposit Capture is a fast, efficient, secure way to make check deposits into a business account without having to visit a branch.

Wire Transfer

Pay anyone, anywhere. A wire transfer is a quick and easy way to securely transfer money between your Penn Community Bank business account and other accounts. Domestic and international wire transfers can be initiated within online banking, or in person at one of our conveniently located branches.

QuickBooks® Web Connect

Save time and work more efficiently with our QuickBooks® Web Connect service. Download transactions from online banking into your QuickBooks accounting software.

Check Positive Pay

Penn Community Bank offers you the latest technological tools to combat financial fraud, which is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. Check Positive Pay matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of every check presented for payment against a list of checks that your company previously authorized and issued.

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